Maternity Reflexology and Menopause Reflexology


Not just for pregnancy.......

Maternity Reflexology can help support men and women at various levels not just during pregnancy. It can benefit and support the following physically, emotionally. mentally:

1. Preconceptual care - couples who are preparing to have a baby. 

2. Couples actively trying to conceive

3. Hormonal imbalance 

4.Pregnancy through all three trimesters - can help the body to adjust and balance as the baby grows and the body changes

5.Priming for childbirth

6. Postnatal period - as soon as possible after childbirth, reflexology can support the body establish a pre-pregnancy equilibrium

7. Those who have sadly lost their pregnancy or baby

8.Ladies experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms

9. Those with gynaecological conditions may find benefit with their symptom



Maternity reflexology can help menopausal symptoms



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