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Reflexology for Women's Health


Maternity Reflexology can help support  women from starting their periods to menopause. It's not just beneficial for pregnancy related symptoms. It can be a gentle and natural holistic therapy for multiple situations such as:

1. Preconceptual care - couples who are preparing to have a baby. 

2. Couples actively trying to conceive and those who are experiencing fertility issues

3. Those experiencing hormonal imbalances and associated symptoms

4.vPregnancy through all three trimesters - can help the body to adjust and balance as the baby grows and the body changes

5. Priming for childbirth

6. Postnatal period - as soon as possible after childbirth, reflexology can support the body establish a pre-pregnancy equilibrium

7. Those who have sadly lost their pregnancy or baby

8. Ladies experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms

9. Those with gynaecological conditions may find benefit with their symptoms.

Reflexology is thought to have a cumulative effect and clients of mine regularly report relief of problematic symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, sleep issues, PMS, headaches, fatigue, aches and pains when they have regular treatment sessions.